Tips to reduce your hair fall

Best Tips to reduce your hair fall

Tips to reduce your hair fall

Thicker and fuller hair is the best you need to get a perfect crowning glory to make best appearance but because of stress, hereditary, hormonal changes and more can experience hair fall. Hair fall at many times can leave you so depressed and can lead to blad patches, thinning hair when untreated. Many medical treatments are there right which are high expensive but it’s also true that there is no problem when can’t be cured since nature has answers for most of them. You too can prevent hairfall and let your hair shine well. You must need to follow little hair care tips and home remedies to stop hair fall and also to invest some time for proper care of your hair inorder to control hair fall, here we go:

Hair fall remedies with Onions

Onion juice is not only helpful to minimize hair fall which helps in regrowth of hair. You must use some onion juice and massage it well thoroughly on to your scalp. Leave it for an hour and then shampoo to be usual. Make sure to do this remedy regularly to show some perfect effects.

Hair fall remedies with Fenugreek

Same like onions, use fenugreek which is also known as methi dana is well known to control hair fall. You must need a cup of fenugreek seeds and soak it in water at night. Following morning just you can grind it to make a paste like consistency. Apply it on scalp and hair. Leave them for an hour or 2. Rinse it off with plain water. You must see some effective improvement in your hairfall which improves hair quality and root strength.

Hair fall remedies with Amla

Try to drink amla juice which will prevent in hair fall. You can also put juice on scalp for two hours or overnight and rinse it in morning. Vitamin C is rich in amla with certain other vital nutrient this makes a wonderful cure to stop hair fall and make hair roots stronger.

Hot Oil Massage for Hair fall remedy

Oil must be taken to maintain good hair growth. Hot oil treatments are excellent source of hair fall remedies which will make hair come out less. You must warm up oils such as almonds, castor, coconut, olive oil, jojoba oil (any 2-3 oils will be enough) and use to massage your hair strands and scalp to boost up blood circulation. Massaging aids are better absorption of the nutrients. These oils are also known to deep condition the hair, make them much stronger and healthier. Undoubtedly, it’s a good solution for the hairfall.

Hair care tips for hair fall:

Never comb the hair when they are wet, this will make them fall out more

Drink enough water.

Keep your scalp clean use natural products such as conditioners and shampoo.

Finally include proteins in diet such as eggs, fish and more for some essential vitamins which are crucial for hair growth.

These are the best simple hair fall remedies which you can try but apart from that always make sure that you are using herbal hair care products.


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