Signs and symptoms of Pregnancy

Signs and symptoms of Pregnancy

Have you missed your period? Are you showing signs of fatigue? This mean that you are pregnant? With missed period don’t expect that you are pregnant and Pregnancy tests and ultrasounds can determine that you are pregnant or not. However there are certain signs and symptoms which denote a week for conception. This is biological indication that you might be pregnant or not. Here are 10 early symptoms of pregnancy that help you to act as soon as possible.

High blood pressure

Number of women complain the raised blood pressure levels during early stages of pregnancy. This can be due to pre mentioned feelings if nausea and cause to feel dizzy which entails dilation of blood vessels. Elevated blood pressure levels are hard to measure. If you have hypertension then further complicate issues with pregnancy. This problem might develop during early stages. It’s advisable to visit a doctor at earliest as they can establish baseline to help you get a basal reading of your bp to track it.

Aversion to certain foods and cravings

When symptoms is generally very depend on individual, that there is a very little evidence that’s linked to pregnancy hormones. A number of women report occurrence of smell sensitivity issues especially at the first trimester of pregnancy. This will trigger vomiting and nausea because of sensitivity. A number of women report issues with food aversions and establish relationships between pregnancy and smells. Researchers established an increase in smell sensitivity making odors to be most intense.

Weight gain

At the end of first trimester, there is an increase in weight. People generally gain weight around 1 to 4 pounds during first few months. At the early stages of pregnancy you are not likely to have increased calorific requirements as compared as usual diet which increases the stages of pregnancy progress.


Number of hormonal changes with stages of pregnancy is linked to relaxation of valves between stomach and esophagus. This can cause leak at stomach acids that can lead to heartburn which is preventable by taking few steps. First step is to consume smaller meals through entire day instead of preferring larger meal. You can now try to allow food more time to get digested by sitting for an hour after meals and look for safe options.

Skin changes

There are number of women report issues with their skin during pregnancy. Generally they get what is so called as “pregnancy glow” due to secretion of oil from glands because to effects of increased hormones and blood flow as they may also develop acne.

Increased levels of basal body temperature

Oral temperature of body when you wake up each morning is referred to basal body temperature. Studies states that basal temperature increases slightly after you ovulate and stays at level until you get your next period. If you keep track of basal body temperature you can determine the time when you start ovulating. If your temperature remains high over two weeks which indicate that you are pregnant.

Missed period                     

This is one of the best ways to indicate your pregnancy. If you are regular and always keep track on your menstrual cycle, missed period might compel you to a pregnancy test. But if you are not then there are other signs such as fatigue, nausea and frequent trips to restroom.


This is common early symptom of pregnancy. This is because of increased levels of progesterone hormone. A good dose of hormone is enough for you to sleep.

Tender and swollen breast

Due to hormonal changes likely to develop swollen breasts, tender in few weeks. Hormones causes your breasts to grow. They sore or tingly which may feel heavier. Changes at the nipple might occur-areola might change color and enlarge in size.

Bleeding or spotting

Within 10 to 14 days there might light spotting or bleeding. Don’t fret this to be normal. This occurs due to implantation of fertilized eggs into endometrium. This may last for about 3 days and here there is no need of treatment.

Faintness and dizziness

Your blood pressure might fluctuate and you may also feel dizziness as a result of dilated blood vessels.


Vomiting, nausea or morning sickness is bound to happen to pregnant women as early as two weeks after conception for about a month. This is called morning sickness which may occur at any time of day. Nauseous feeling occurs normally because of rapid increase in estrogen levels which cause your stomach to clear slowly. This may also have sense of smell odors, food smell, odors, perfume and cigarette might trigger to feel vomit and nauseous.

Mood swings

Because of influx and increased level of progesterone and estrogen into the body which might experience mood swings which is a common among pregnant women. Different women respond to these changes, High emotions might be good or bad or others might experience a whole various level of emotional rollercoaster.

Frequent urination

This is due to increased amount of blood flow through kidneys during pregnancy as result of hormonal change. Therefore kidney processes up more fluids than usual which leads to more fluids into the bladder. There you might have an increased urge to restroom

Increased heart beat rate

About two months after conception your heart beat rate might increase causing it to pump faster and harder.

These are few signs which can help to determine whether you are pregnant or not. Other signs include mild headaches and frequent because of hormonal changes. You might notice your skin to have oily appearance or flushed. This result of hormonal changes and may result in acne breakouts. Keep in mind that many symptoms will decrease after first trimester. If you experience all the above mentioned signs then it’s advisable to do pregnancy test and consult your doctor.


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