Latest Fashionable Blouse Designs For Modern Women

Latest Fashionable Blouse Designs For Modern Women

Blouses are normally used by all age ladies for saree and its used as a protective covering on the bra. In olden days a piece of clothes were stitched together or even flowers were tied in a string in the shape of blouses.

Simple Style Blouse:

These are blouses are worn at any occasions such as party, wedding and going for a simple shopping session and many more. As name goes with this a simple style blouse with no decoration or work. this looks elegant on aged and huge sized females. People use various blouse materials such as silk, nylon, silk which can be used to stitch these blouses.

Round neck blouse:

These are one of the best simple designs too but a more artistic one and a revealing than simple style blouse. This can be done in a deeper version of U neck blouse. This blouse is designed so that back of your blouse resembles either a full circle or a semicircle, as per the wish of the user. These round neck blouses are to be worn with traditional kind of sarees and modern one.

Full sleeve blouse:

Full sleeve blouse will never be a out of fashion at any time. These pattern blouses are made with a comeback with a bang with certain twists to suit the taste of modern women. Best suited neck design for this kind of full sleeved blouses to be high neck. Best suited colors to get full sleeved blouses stitched to be as black, maroon, cherry red and many more. These go best with netted or shear sarees.

Back button blouses:

These blouses are the button or hook of the blouse which will be at back side. These blouses are to be stitched with various materials. Choose the best tailor who stitches your blouse in a creative manner. There are lots of artistic work which can be done on these kind of blouses.

String blouses:

These blouses comes with strings attached at the back. There are various kinds of neckline like round shape, the V shape, the U shape which can be used for any kind of blouses.

6.U Neck blouse:

This blouse is said to have a neckline thats shaped in the alphabet U on the back side. This kind of blouses helps in hiding the straps of bra which gives your female an elegant look. Inorder to add more charm for your blouse you must use various various embroidery motifs can be designed on the back side.

V shaped neck blouse:

This blouse is said to have a neckline which resembles the alphabet V and hence the name V shaped blouse or V neck blouse. These have deep V at the back of your blouse and the female flaunts to have at its back to bare it out. Beads or stones can be added for glitter and charm for your blouse.

Pot neck blouse:

These designs resemble as the pot we make use of dally at home. These designers are for a long time and they never tend to go out of fashion. If female is short of ideas or getting bored of same kind of designs which can easily opt for sensuous pot neck design and shine at parties.

Square neck blouse:

These blouses are geometrical themed blouses and the neckline resembles as a square. These are one of the simple yet well fitted and well perfect designed blouses. These look perfect on plump females. Silk sarees goes well with these kinds of blouses.

Puff sleeved blouse:

You can check the blouses on fashion for a long time and which will never goes out of style. Wearing blouses with south Indian style silk sarees will lend the female an elegant look at the same time.


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