How to get pregnant quickly after marriage

How to get pregnant quickly after marriage

Many love to start building their family as soon as they get married and to have their own child. Nowadays some women want their children when they are young. When you are young you can cope up with pregnancy related pains and aches. Its a great decision in each and every women life and she must be ready to take up responsibilities.

Make Love frequently:
To get pregnant faster the best thing is to have sex for at least 3 times a week. Greater chance of pregnancy is ensured. If the couple has sex more often then there can be lot of mistakes in calculating up the ovulation cycle and greatly influence the couple to become pregnant faster. More sex help in more chances of fertilization to occur.

Right ovulation calculation:
An Ovulation kit or fertility monitor help in speeding up pregnancy. These kits to have better instructions. This help you avoid guessing the best time to have sex. These kits are easy to use and is not very reliable since certain cervical discharge can misjudge the ovulation dates.

Good health:
Prepared to get pregnant soon then go and meet your gynecologist and check whether your body is ready to become pregnant. Its good to do an overall check up to make sure your body is fit to bore baby. You can make sure not to have any infections or ailments which will be a trouble for pregnancy. You must have a good health to conceive.

Dont go for unhealthy practices:
Avoid unhealthy practices such as drinking alcohol, smoking and use of drugs. These affect your fertility and can get a risk in pregnancy.

Eat at right time:
Have a healthy diet and exercise will have a greater chances of getting pregnant.There are many foods important to concieve are rich in folic acid. You include rich leafy vegetables, broccoli into your diet. Have certain fruits and vegetables in your diet. You must avoid certain food such as raw eggs, high mercury content fish, papaya, pineapple and more.

Keep fit:
Have a good health body with correct weight. Sometimes people are confused when they hear it. Question arises why should a woman to be fit before getting pregnant? Keep your weight under control will help you become pregnant faster. If you are overweight then don’t go for any diet which may harm your health.

Relax yourself:
Stay relax and calm and be happy which will give you a healthy baby. Stress and tension can lead to miscarriage or unhealthy baby.

Plan pregnancy before 30’s:
Plan your pregnancy before 30. Egg may mature when age progresses so early you must get pregnant the better is. It’s not only that mother to be young but also helps to have a healthy baby. There is a high risk involved to conceive after the age 30.

Keep your husband healthy:
You need to make sure that your partner to be in good health. Its main to heave healthy sperms for pregnancy and man can produce only when he has good health. He must include vitamin C and E in his diet to produce sperms that must be good motility and can easily swim towards egg. Its mainly important that your husband must stay away from smoking and alcohol.

Choose the right position:
Choose right position so that sperm to move to reach the egg at right time. Missionary position is the best if you try to get pregnant soon. If you choose position where the woman on top the sperm might leakout.

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