Different types of Indian Bridal wear

Different types of Indian Bridal wear

Indian bridal-wears are best for their gorgeous and richly decorated forms. Grandeur of attires which is supplemented by the diversity that these are available across various regions in our Indian subcontinent.

Sarees are the common Indian wear for women, traditional bridal wear which will show interesting variations as per the regions. Lehengas, Ghagras and Salwards which can be found more commonly among many Western and Northern Bridal wears. Saree is common for brides at the East while it gets modified at the North East.

At South India, while Saree predominates the style of draping, color choice and even its adornments which will modify the look of saree which will bring wonderful varieties. From the bridal wear, bridal ornaments will show beautiful variations along with various wedding rituals, ethnicity and culture. All different types of Indian Bridal wear will make a much interesting one. Now have a look on each of them.

Kashmiri Bridal wear:

Maharashtrian Bridal wear:

Rajasthani Bridal wear:

Gujarati Bridal wear:

Uttar Pradesh Bridal wear:

Punjabi Bridal Wear:

Assamese Bridal wear:

Bengali Bridal Wear:

Odisha Bridal outfits:

Tamilian Bridal Wear:

Andhra Telugu Bridal Wear:

Malayali Kerala Bride:

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