Different Body Piercings lists

Different Body Piercings lists

There many ways to express own style and stand out from everyone else. Body piercing is one of the main ways. Its statement is itself a little painful. There are popular saying that “one person pain is another person’s pleasure”.

Body piercing involves has a lot of things such as body part are to be pierced, piercer, the place where piercing is happening are the most important level of piercing comfort that you have. Piercing is done mostly for many fashion reasons. There are some who get done to indulge in intensity of moment.

Piercing Procedure

Choosing up an experienced piercing provider is needed. He or she must maintain proper sanitation and hygiene while piercing your body. Check out whether the piercer is following these rules:

  • Clean and disinfecting skin before and after piercing
  • Wearing gloves on his or her hands
  • Using sterile equipment

Types Of Piercings

Its not much doubt that its a temptation for younger generation to pick up a rage. Check various forms of piercings that are next best at a fashion statement.

1. Ear

Ear Piercing

Daith Piercing

Ear Piercing Studs

Tragus Piercing

Ear Piercings

Scaffold/Industrial Piercing

Different Piercings

Auricle Piercing

Ear Piercing Names

Helix Piercing

Piercings for Girls

2. Nose

Nose Piercing

Nostril Piercing

Nostril Piercing for Girls

High Nostril Piercing

Nostril Piercing

Septum Piercing

Septum Piercing Jewelry

Bridge Piercing

Nose Piercings

Tip Piercing

Piercings for Girl

Nasallang Piercing

Nose Piercing


Lip Piercing

3. Eyebrow

Eyebrow Piercing

5. Facial

This is divided into two types of piercings – cheek and chin.

Chin piercing

The healing time for chin piercing done on the chin varies from person to person. Studs are the most common form of chin piercing.

Cheek piercing

This type bears fake resemblance with a dimple and can be done on both the cheeks (takes 6 to 8 weeks for healing).

Facial Piercing

6. Naval

Naval Piercing

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