9 Latest Karnataka Mangalsutra Designs

1. Plain Hollow Gold Cup Pendant Mangalsutra:

Plain Hollow Gold Cup Pendant Mangalsutra

2. Coral-Hollow Vati Mangalsutra:

Coral-Hollow Vati Mangalsutra

3. Karthamani and Golden Pathak Mangalsutra:

Karthamani and Golden Pathak Mangalsutra

4. Floral Design Vati Mangalsutra:

Floral design Vati Mangalsutra

5. Black Beads Attached Mangalsutra:

Black beads attached Mangalsutra

6. Diamond Studded Vati Mangalsutra:

Diamond Studded Vati MAngalsutra

7. Enamel-Shell Design Mangalsutra:

Enamel-Shell Design Mangalsutra

8. Pearl Studded Mangalsutra:

Pearl studded Mangalsutra

9. Ruby Studded Semi-Circular Vati Mangalsutra:

Ruby studded Semi-circular Vati Mangalsutra

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