5 Herbal Remedies for premature hair graying

5 Herbal Remedies for premature hair graying

When hair turn white/grey is a sign of growing old. These days even young people like children, teenagers can notice grey hairs. For premature graying of hair several reasons are to be blamed such as stress, pollution, genetics, nutritional deficiency, smoking etc. You know melanin, pigment determines skin color is responsible to determine hair color. Cells containing pigment are present at base of each and every hair follicle. Whatever the reason, premature hair graying are easy one, cost less which loads of benefits for hair like other than preventing premature hair graying and turning hair black naturally. Treatment also make shiner, thicker and healthy looking.

  1. Coconut oil with curry leaves for premature greying of hair

This is one of the main remedies to cure premature graying and retaining up the lost pigment. This remedy makes hair strands to be darker naturally. Curry leaves is also known as Kadi patta are used as flavoring in various cuisines when it’s used with coconut oil for both these powerful ingredients to make hair darker, thicker and healthier. Treatment and preparation of this recipe is to be simple.

Now take 2 cups of coconut oil and 3 to 4 curry leaves. Boil coconut oil in pan and add curry leaves to it. Keep it boiling until curry leaves turns black. Once its completed, remove away curry leaves extracts and allow the coconut oil to cool its now infused with curry extracts. Once it’s cool down. Massage oil in scalp and hair strands. Allow it overnight which is highly recommended. Store the rest of oil in plastic or glass bottle. Oil must be stored up for about 3 to 4 weeks. As it contains coconut oil might turn sold in winters, if you wish to use, warm it up with oil into a small microwave safe container and use them to massage your hair. This oil must be used for about 2 to 3 times a week. This natural treatment can be used for men, kids and women who are facing premature graying of hair.

  1. Onion with lime juice to cure premature greying of hair

Onion has sulphur content is known to aid hair regrowth in case of extreme baldness and hair fall. Onions benefits are not much limited until here onions will also help to prevent premature graying hair and bringing back to original pigment so that hair looks darker. This remedy require lemon juice and onion juice.

Take two medium sized onions and extract juice from it. Squeeze lemon onto it. Apply it on hair and scalp. Keep it for about 2 hours and rinse away, shampoo using mild shampoo to remove off onions smell

  1. Indian gooseberry (Amla) treatment for grey hairs

Best benefit of amla makes wonderful ingredient for healthy hair which is capable of making hair strands darker, thicker and shinier. Amla must be eaten raw, in juice form to reap are its benefits of hair or used tropical treatments like hair shampoos, hair oils, hair rinse water and more. Here are two recipes on how to use amla for curing premature graying hair.

  1. Amla powder hair wash for premature hair graying

This remedy is one of the excellent to get perfect healthy thicker hair and to get back lost pigment for your hair. Take some dried amla. Remove out its seeds from amla fruit. Take 4 cups water into bowl and boil water. Once water boiled put half cup dried amla to it. You can now also use amla powder at the similar manner. Allow water to boil until amla gets pulpy and soft so that can be easily mashed. You can now adjust water in between by adding more water.

Allow mixture to cool down. Once its done, mash amla are now swollen with water. Mash it to make a pulp from it. Now water must get thicker as amla is being mashed into pulp. You can now add little water, if water is reduced. Extras water using sieve. Use water to gently massage your hair when you are in shower. Allow 15 mins and wash away. You hair

Let the mixture cool down. Once it does, mash the amla which are now swollen with water. Mash them to make a pulp out of it. Now the water will get thicker as the amla is being mashed into pulp. You can add some more water, if the water is too less. Extras the water using a sieve. Use this water to gently massage your hair when you’re in shower. Keep it for 15 minutes and then wash it off. Your hair can get slightly dry therefore use a mild conditioner afterwards only on the hair strands, not on the scalp. For men, there is no need to use conditioner as their hair is mostly short.

  1. Coconut oil infused with Amla (Indian gooseberry) to make white hair darker

Take 2 tbsp amla powder or less than half cup of dried amla.Put 2 cups coconut oil in a pan and put amla powder or dried amla into the pan. Boil until both these remdies are easy and help to retain original hair color of hair. India Gooseberries, Amla are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, make sure you eat some portion of the fruit or drink its juice always to get the maximum benefits and stop the premature hair greying. Rather than that it will take the skin healthy too.



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