125 Top Christian Tattoos


125 Top Christian Tattoos

Types of Christian Tattoos

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Text based Christian tattoos work well in black, while those with images are more versatile, successfully standing out in both black and color renditions. The realistic style is common in this tattoo genre, especially when portraying the face of Jesus Christ and other biblical personalities. There is always a sense of drama when portraying biblical events and characters, and a good knowledge of lighting is required from the tattoo artist. Objects like the crucifix, cross, dove, fish, water, and other tattoo styles like modern, tribal, geometric, etc.  go together to create new concepts.

The Wooden Cross Christian Tattoo

The strength of the wooden cross design relies in the power of the cross as a highly recognizable design element and the rich texture of the wood. This meaningful is design is so visually and emotionally dominant that it may no longer require the use of color to stand out.

Parting of the Red Sea Christian Tattoo

Any decent Christian should be impressed with the beauty and story behind this tattoo. This mural-like tattoo is an explosion of expressive face, water waves and splashed colors that spill graciously at the outside brims of the tattoo area makes an ideal back piece. Details are astonishing to the point of being lifelike.

Ankle Rosary Christian Tattoo

The winding rosary fits well as a wrap-around in ankles. The circularity of the design catches the attention of the eyes only to leave them wandering within the image and staying long, before exiting. Rosaries give assurances of protection to bearers.


Jesus Christ Christian Tattoo

Nothing can be more sacred than a Jesus Christ tattoo. Whether a face or a figure of Jesus is used, the impact of holiness is evident. The realistic drawing approach is conventional, although some artists have successfully tried other genre including abstract.

Meaning of Christian Tattoos

Christian tattoos use significant objects as religious symbols that appeal to the intellect and emotions of Christians from all culture. The symbols are somewhat narrow, and can lend themselves open to imitation from other traditions.

Mostly with biblical origins, these symbols have universal appeal and meaning. Wave represents water, which is an essential baptismal component. It represents purity and cleansing in Christianity. A candle flame figure represents fire, which serves as the light of the world and the Holy Spirit. Two incidents in the Bible strengthen this association, the tongues of fire at Pentecost and the referring of Christ to His followers as the light of the world. The cross is the most recognizable icon of Christianity. It rep resents the most benevolent act in Christian history – Jesus Christ was nailed to the cross to save humanity from their sins.

Many objects used in Christian tattoos, despite being attractive, have deep spiritual meanings. These are some of them:

  • Cross – The cross is the most identifiable symbol of God. Christians know and have the sacred obligation to understand the significance and importance of the life of Christ. Every faithful believe that Jesus Christ, son of God the Father, died on the cross to save humankind from their sins. The cross is the symbol of God’s eternal love to mankind, saving grace, unselfish sacrifice, powers and redemption.
  • Lotus – This tropical plant blooms into a delicate, fragrant flower, despite having to rise above watery and muddy surroundings. The open lotus flower signifies purity and enlightenment, an association by the Hindus.
  • Dove – This bird is rich in biblical, traditional and cultural meanings. In a biblical incident, the dove once gave Noah, the signal that the floods were beginning to recede. The bird returned to Noah’s ark with an olive leaf in its beak. The incident portrays the dove as a symbol of calmness and peace. The dove, in Greek mythology, is associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love. The bird is also associated with the Holy Spirit, in Christianity.
  • Water – The wave is the accepted representation of water among Christians and tattoo artists. Water is the traditional and universal symbol of life in almost all cultures and religions. Followers of Shintoism, Christians, Muslims and Jews symbolically purify themselves using water. Sikhs affirm their commitment to the principles of their faith through an initiation ceremony, where they drink a mixture of water and sugar called amrit.
  • Triquetra – The symbol, sometimes called the Trinity Knot, represents the earth, sea and sky. This belief has pagan roots, but the Christians adopted the symbol to pertain to the Holy Trinity, God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The triquetra can also mean eternity.
  • Trees – The structure is a reminder of the interconnectivity of all lives on earth. Often the source of strength and resilience in the face of storms, trees also provide shelter and nourishment in the cycle of life.
  • Semicolons – In grammar, semicolons represent a pause, and then a thought. As an element in Christian tattoos, the sign represents a commitment to life. They believe that the struggles and difficulties of life are only temporary and victory is forthcoming.
  • Anchors – The first Christians considered anchors as representations of salvation, hope and eternal life. Ancient Roman catacombs, the burial place of Christian martyrs, contained epitaphs with drawings of anchors.

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