10 Stylish and Latest Designs of Churidar Pants

1. Cream Knit Churidar Pant:


2. Dhoti Churidar Pant:

Dhoti Churidar Pant

3. Turquoise Blue Churidar Pant:

Turquoise Blue Churidar Pant

4. Beige Coloured Loose Churidar Pant:

Beige Coloured Loose Churidar Pant

5. Silk Blend Churidar Pant:

Silk Blend Churidar Pants

6. Twill Style Churidar Pant:

Twill Style Churidar Pants

7. Pajama Styled Churidar Pant:

Pajama Styled Churidar Pants8

Styled for the women especially, these are loose pajama styled pants to be worn as an ethnic wear with a kurta especially. Comfortable enough to be worn, this is a good buy for any girl. Also the prints on the pants have a nice look making it appear attractive. Buy this for yourself and look good with the ethnic dress up on.

8. Churidar Balloon Pants:

Balloon Churidar Pants

9. Front Pocketed Churidar Pant:

Front Pocketed Churidar Pant

10. Churidar Cum Formal Pants:

Churidar Cum Formal Pants

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