10 best ways to wear black Eyeliner

10 best ways to wear black Eyeliner

The semi-outlined eye:

To recreate this eminent look from Coach, use gel eyeliner and an angled brush in order to trace your lash line. Then, using the same gel liner/angled brush combo, draw a line from the outermost part of the cat-eye to the halfway point of your bottom lashline and you’re done!

A chic kitten-eye: 






It’s not so called as a full cat eye, it gives a look of kitten eye. To get this look then use an angled brush and a coffee colored gel eyeliner (which is neither harsh as black and perfect for night or day). Dont use curling your lashes and skip mascara in order to make their liner pop.

A skinny cat-eye with a side of bejeweled lashes:

To nail this fancy look , starting just past the innermost corner of your eye, use black liquid eyeliner to line your top lashline and extend it to the outer corner of your eye to elongate your eyes. Then, add jeweled false lashes to give some drama to your look.

The gorgeous smudged-out eyeliner with a gilded, smoky effect:

Switch up your usual makeup look by recreating up this best look. Now start by lining up your lashes with a perfect black kajal pencil and blending out into an almond shape way past at the lashline with a smudger brush. Apply gold shadow on to your eyelids and on the corners of eyes, blending up the shades again for a flawless finish.

A smoky lower lashline:

An ultra-thick, feathered cat-eye:

A lower lashline highlight:

The make-mine-minimal look

The outer “V” liner:

The lived-in look


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