10 best Rangoli designs

Rangoli Designs And Patterns For 2018:

  1. This design is one of the best for those who are just learning to make rangolis. The designs are kept are simple and can easily created. Eventhough its simple, but its colourful and can be used for Diwali, as we see in the picture. The diyas will add brightness to the rangoli.
grand rangoli designs

 2. This rangoli is designed is with colorful flowers which looks perfect. This is not for ones who craft new. There are many colors such as Black, red, orange, blue pink and purple shades are used in this. The geometric shapes make this truly appropriate for the Diwali celebrations or for a wedding eve.
flower petals rangoli

3. Its one of the usual designs of Rangoli and its one is made out of flower petals in various colours. Various coloured marigold, lotus buds and other multicolored flower petals create this beautiful design.

whirlwind design rangoli

 4. This rangoli is stated to be a whirlwind design with various colored flower rangoli petals. The colours are used are very striking and catch up your attention easily. Its interesting whirlwind will makes the design look very excellent from the traditional rangolis that will usually come across. This one is perfect modern and unique.
peacock feathers ranoli

5. This design is mostly on the idea ‘the creator is within the creation’. This is a one of the best design depicting a peacock with all its feathers. This design is complex and quite different.

Laxmi Puja rangoli

 6. Laxmi puja is celebrated in all Hindu homes. This is one of the best colourful rangoli thats normally created to welcome Goddess Laxmi into the house. The symbols related to the deity – the ‘Kalas’ and the ‘Lotus flower’ are used to make the design to be more appropriate for the occasion
Suuswagatam rangoli
 7. This rangoli is  one of the great way to give your guest a warm welcome. It has suswagatam or welcome written that will make your guests feel happy. This rangoli is very colourful that you can use it to welcome the upcoming new year.
minimum variation rangoli

 8. This is a simple design with minimum variation in colour. This can be easily done by those who are new to this art. You can create it for all occasions at your home.
vibrant colours rangoli

9. Its the combination of contrasting and various colours and the addition of diyas make a very beautiful Rangoli. This design normally geometric patterns and shapes, and can also be done by those who are just learning to make a rangoli.

little diyas rangoli

10. This rangoli displays various shapes and patterns. This is one of the great design to decorate your home during Diwali. The little diyas at the design will makes it appropriate for Diwali season.
bright shades rangoli

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