10 best Indian Diet for Weight Loss Tips 

10 best Indian Diet for Weight Loss Tips

Weight loss is so difficult for many nowadays by following below weight loss diet tips once you can lose weight at ease. Following best Indian Diet for Weight loss tips:

  1. Don’t skip meals

You must not skip meals which is never going to help you in weight loss. In fact which will make you starve and will end in eating some unhealthy food which will further affect your weight loss diet.

  1. Eat more regularly or frequently

Have a small meals regularly and frequently. Aim is never to let yourself be hungry/ Be its having fruits or healthy snacks, try to eat more food frequently.

  1. Consume home-made foods

Cook and consume homely foods so that you can able to go more attentive towards ingredients and find out healthy alternatives to cook. Example, you can consume lesser or bake chicken instead for frying.

  1. Increase up the habit of eating  healthy foods 

Make sure to take healthy foods in store so that whenever you feel hunger then eat something healthy instead of store pastries pizza leftovers.

  1. Add all the healthy food groups into your diet plan

When your a planning a meal make sure to include some important food groups such as Proteins, Vitamins, Carbohydrates and Good fat. The goal must follow a balanced diet.

  1. Go for smaller plates and bowls

This one works well. As per the new research published at the Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, decreasing the plate sizes will decrease the plate size which will help in reduce the amount of food consumed. Hence you have to be smart and easy trick to eat lesser and lose weight.

  1. Don’t move for parties with an empty stomach

When moving towards party eat something healthy and go. This will let you half filled and hence you can get the part food lesser. This will help you consume fewer alcoholic drinks too.

3 Weight Loss Thumb rules for party Hoppers

  • Do not skip meals before party, you will end up in eating heavy.
  • In order to survive dehydration as alcohols, keep yourself hydrated all over the day and even in between your drinks
  • Prepare yourself for the party by eating fresh and raw fruits all over the day
  1. Decrease the usage of sugar and salt

Decrease the usage of salt and sugar in any of your food and tea. Both salt and sugar must be taken in moderation. When excess sugar consumed which will affect blood sugar levels, excess salt will cause water retention and will contribute to weight gain.

  1. Eat more fruits and vegetables 

If you want to make your meals more filling, you can now add fruits and veggies to them. In this way to twist your dishes at the most healthy manner.

  1. Avoid zero carb/restricted diet plans

Dont fall into the traps of restricted diet plans such as zero carb diet. Our body needs a full nutrients from each of the food groups. So decreasing any of them out will stop us from enjoying their benefits.


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